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National Myopia Institute is an association of experts, researchers and public figures who are conveying the results of international and domestic clinical experience to practicing doctors, public authorities, educators, parents and the public at large.

The key idea of creating the National Myopia Institute is the development and implementation of modern methods of monitoring myopia and correction of refractive errors into the daily practice of ophthalmologists and optometrists.

National Myopia Institute is a non-profit organization open to any medical professional who shares our goals and mission. We will be glad to cooperate with those who are ready to share their ideas and practical experience, and who wish to participate in clinical and experimental studies. Institute staff will help you both in organizing research and in conducting it.

National Myopia Institute is a unique opportunity for everyone to fulfil oneself as a scientist, educator, doctor and expert.

The main activities:

  1. The study of the problems and causes of the development of myopia.
  2. The study of methods for the prevention of progressive myopia.
  3. The study of foreign experience and its assimilation.
  4. Conducting research work.
  5. Development of methods for assessing the effectiveness of treatment of progressive myopia.
  6. Educational activities related to myopia, aimed at raising awareness among parents and children.
  7. Preparation of guidelines for the management of patients with myopia.
  8. Interaction with health authorities to formulate a state policy for preserving the vision of future generations.

It is important to remember that studies that focus on the interests of people cannot be carried out without the participation of patients and society as a whole. No matter how complicated these studies are, or how brilliant the scientists themselves are, the researchers conducting them, patients and society often offer completely unique and invaluable ideas. We are confident that your participation in these studies will help find a solution to the major problem of modern ophthalmology – the myopia epidemic.




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