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“ Myopia challenges our children and us, as parents and specialists. Resolving this problem on one's own is not possible. Only by combining our efforts - the efforts of scientists, clinicians, engineers, the state - we can develop, analyze and put into practice the most effective methods and means of treating progressive myopia “

Alexander V. Myagkov

Med. Sc. D., Professor, Director of National Myopia Institute

Sergey E. Avetisov

Med. Sc. D., Professor, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, chief research officer of Scientific Research Institute of Eye Diseases

“ Is myopia a disease or merely a refractive error?
This is a modern dilemma of ophthalmology, the solution of which influences the vision of the younger and future generations. The search for effective methods of control and prevention of myopia is an important and responsible task for the entire ophthalmological community “

National Myopia Institute is an association of experts, researchers and public figures who are conveying the results of international and domestic clinical experience to practicing doctors, public authorities, educators, parents and the public at large.


The mission of the National Myopia Institute is to combine the scientific potential, clinical experience and technological capabilities in order to solve the problems of juvenile myopia for sake of creating a harmonious and socially active person


The key idea of creating the National Myopia Institute is the development and implementation of modern methods of monitoring myopia and correction of refractive errors into the daily practice of ophthalmologists and optometrists.

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